November 30, 2010

Look, I’m an artist, uuuuu.


gone fishing…

November 26, 2010

back in a bit


November 22, 2010

…And now I feel like listening this great song by a true hero Kris Kristofferson. Good night.

For my friend Matti.


November 22, 2010

I wrapped up Jenna´s dragon today. Kiitti Jenna!

and started a dragon half sleeve on Eva. Gonna have one more session before she moves overseas…

Tuomas visited me from Jyväskylä and I tattooed him this heart and snakes, cheers mate.




November 20, 2010

I need tickets to the Pentagram show in Helsinki. Let me know if you have a spare one.

January surf

November 20, 2010

Frisco last winter


Jude´s first tatata

November 18, 2010

My man Jude the Master Painter got himself some tattoo gear and did his first piece few days ago with the help of our buddy Tony of Otherside Tattoo in Lahti…Check it out here

November 18, 2010

back in business

November 16, 2010

I got back to work yesterday after being sick for awhile. Still feeling a bit weak but nobody pays you for doing nothing so man´s gotta work. So I did two 12 hour days and tomorrow Im gonna go and buy some metal and start building my bike and tattoo machines. I´ll have the walk-in shift this friday and would be more than happy to make some small tattoos on you (except type writing or computer graphics shit)

Here´s a couple of the tattoos I did today

I did an hourglass on Joni tonight. This is the kinda style tattooing I really enjoy doing. Simple and in your face. Thanks dude.

I got to work on Marko´s leg today. This is his second tattoo. He takes the pain so well it´s amazing. I guess the older you get the more it hurts…or then there´s only the most painful spots left to fill. Anyway, it was a fun session I had been looking forward to do, one more to go.

Check this out

November 14, 2010 is one of the blogs I like the most. It´s filled with old skool stories and vintage pictures, some newer stuff too. He´s collected there things that really interests and inspires me. I rather spend my days exploring this site than your fucking facebook.

Here´s just a few samples… click the photos for articles or go to the blog to see soooo much more.

about Cap Coleman & Paul Rogers: 

Les Skuse & Bristol Tattoo Club:  

Tom Waits:

The Chosen Few and East-Bay Dragons

Cool Hand Luke 1967: 

Lillian La France 1920´s:

70´s van customization craze:  oh, and that´s the latest craze of the 2010´s too