back in business

November 16, 2010

I got back to work yesterday after being sick for awhile. Still feeling a bit weak but nobody pays you for doing nothing so man´s gotta work. So I did two 12 hour days and tomorrow Im gonna go and buy some metal and start building my bike and tattoo machines. I´ll have the walk-in shift this friday and would be more than happy to make some small tattoos on you (except type writing or computer graphics shit)

Here´s a couple of the tattoos I did today

I did an hourglass on Joni tonight. This is the kinda style tattooing I really enjoy doing. Simple and in your face. Thanks dude.

I got to work on Marko´s leg today. This is his second tattoo. He takes the pain so well it´s amazing. I guess the older you get the more it hurts…or then there´s only the most painful spots left to fill. Anyway, it was a fun session I had been looking forward to do, one more to go.

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