Walk-in Friday

September 30, 2010

Like every Friday tomorrow´s a Walk-in Friday again. We´ll open at 11. No big tattoos. Choose from the great amount of old flash we have or bring your own design… if we think it´s tattooable you can get it. We can draw your idea too, if it´s a good one, haha.


random stuff

September 27, 2010

Tim got so exhausted of joy after scoring a couple of Ed Smith originals from 1920’s. Miss ya pal!

Hanne and I. I think this was quite a drunken night.

morning afterhangover kickstarting´s the best feeling ever. I don´t even need to do it but once started you can´t stop before it fires up cos dozen people are watching…Doesn´t do any good to my operated knee.

The end

September 26, 2010

Thanks to everyone who´s been to our photo exhibition and even bigger thanks to those who bought something. Today´s the last day, closing time at 6pm.

Billy Freedom

My Norton project at the exhibition

Laser removal

September 26, 2010

We at Legacy have been certified laser operators for almost four years now and are able to offer you tattoo removal by Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser. It´s a good way to have a perfect cover-up tattoo when you first lighten your old tattoo with a few lasering sessions.
Here´s our man Petri from Stockholm getting his first session of laser treatment before getting his whole torso tattooed by our Scottish brother Iain of Stockholm Classic.

To get your old tattoo totally removed you might need 8 to 15 laser sessions and there´s still no guarantee it will all disappear. So THINK BEFORE YOU GET YOUR CHEAP TATTOO, it might get very expensive!

No need to make an appointment for laser session, just call before you come in. +358 (0) 9 6926361

look what the postman brought

September 24, 2010

Got these books the other day.The book about Amund Dietzel (1891-1974) is great! It has over 200 pages of his flash, vintage photos and stories of his life. Get it here, can´t wait for the second edition. Eric Minugh of www.tattoo-memories.com sent me Bert Grim Flash book, Owen Jensen eagle stencil book and his father Lee Roy Minugh´s flash book.

If you´re into old style tattoos come to the studio and I´ll make you some real tattoos outta these. I have plenty of vintage flash to choose your favourite designs from or I can draw you something 1910-1950´s looking. Keepin´the traditional style alive.

almost over

September 23, 2010

our photo exhibition at Myymälä 2 will end in a couple of days. go check it out while you can.

(I just shot this blurry one of Miko and his photo while he was setting up the exhibition. )

the king

September 22, 2010

stolen from some other blog.


September 21, 2010

Here´s the shop we tattooed at in Hollywood with Timmy, Lowercase J and Millie.

Jenna´s dragon

September 20, 2010

We had a four hour colouring session today. Amazing how well she can take the pain.

sunday flash

September 20, 2010

Few paintings I did yesterday