Walk-in tattoos Every Friday

September 19, 2010

Every Friday we do walk-in tattoos between 11-18. It´s usually a very busy day so to make sure you will get yours done come early. First in first served. For big pieces please book an appointment.

Here´s one fun walk-in tattoo I did

check check

September 18, 2010

here´s a few photos from the exhibition i stole from mikko´s blog

thanks to everyone who attended the opening party, man it was packed!

timppa´s wla racer

buy a shirt and help us pay the rent

few of mikko´s photos. the wall was painted by our master painter jude. there´s a lot to see, come and have a look. MYYMÄLÄ 2, uudenmaankatu 23

well, i´m off to paint some new flash… and then you can get them tattooed on you

night time tattooing

September 17, 2010

My homie Miko from Stockholm was in town for the photo exhibition. He wanted a chest piece so here´s something we started last night 1am. lots more outlining to follow. BTW, he´s a great photographer, check out REDRUM MAGAZINE

Contact him if you wanna become a pin-up girl and get featured…

Veera got her first tattoo yesterday

I just finished Marko´s first tattoo few days ago. He booked more appointments already.

Thanks guys!


September 15, 2010

Eagle tattoos are my favourite

September 12, 2010

This is something I could tattoo everyday… real tattoos

Two real men wearing classic eagle tattoos

My chest eagle was tattooed by professor Timmy Tatts

and yes, it did hurt like a motherfucker!

Few japanese pieces

September 11, 2010

This guys first tattoo. Finished it last march. I hope to get a photo of the healed tattoo sometime soon.

I had fun working on this one. The project took quite long to finish cos the size is closer to a “normal” backpiece. I was lucky the customer was super cool. Can´t wait to get better pictures.

We finished this piece in February and these photos are of the healed tattoo taken this summer. Jaakko decided to continue this to a full sleeve so more to follow (we already started it). He´s also into good music so he doesn´t suffer that much during the sessions and we actually have something to talk about, very important.

Exhibition time

September 10, 2010

Its Finally here. Come check out some cool photos from the road.

The show is about cool bikes, cool photos and other chopper related stuff.

After party at We Got Beef.

Mostly showing photos from these dudes:

Mikko Toiviainen
Miko from Redrum Magazine


September 10, 2010

A romantic dinner at 1 am with my brother Sami St.Hood. Smoked fish sald, halloumi cheese, four differently spiced breads and some good wine. Good conversations about life and music. This is what we call macho hardcore and it makes our wives very jealous. Fuck The World. BFL.

Sami has a new band, Become A Threat. They´re fucking great. Featuring memebers of Finland´s finest HardCore bands St.Hood, Down My Throat and Cutdown. B.A.T. just played their first show three hours ago, sorry if you missed it. Go buy their debut album now and buy their merch!



Jensen machine

September 8, 2010

This is an original Owen Jensen machine Gil found in Tahiti Hiro´s tool box (that was full of tattoo history). I wish I owned it!

If you have interest in the history of the fine art of tattooing and happen to be near San Diego go visit the Tattoo Museum of Tahiti Felix´s Master Tattoo.

And while there get tattooed by one of the guys!