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September 28, 2012



Bebby boy maalaa



days off

December 23, 2010

Finally some time to paint flash that would be fun to tattoo. Gonna start working more outta them.

We are happy to have met Ben, a nice chap from London who moved to Helsinki after a lady of course. He´s very talented guy and can draw and paint pretty much anything from true traditional style to fine portraits. We at Legacy Tattoo are very proud to have Ben or Gypsy-Ben as we call the geezer, as our shop bitch…mmm, apprentice would sound nicer I guess. Anyways, He is the first one in years who´s walked thru that door and showed that burning desire and what it takes to become a tattooer. When I first tattooed and talked to the guy I just knew that this is the apprentice we should have if we ever gonna have one. He already knows  a lot about the history of our trade, who´s who in the past and the present and he´s very interested in the machine building, he scrubs them tubes and toilets, makes needles (most kids would just buy them pre-made ones and they´re not really into putting some blood, sweat and tears to this) does all the shit work with a smile and he constantly paints flash, very important.

We get requests from people to get an apprenticeship here all the time, please do not call. WE ASK a person to become ONE if we see there´s right potential, most of you don´t have it. If you want to be a tattooer you have to commit your life to it totally, so for the first few years you can have nothing else just tattoo 24/7.

Well, here´s few traditional style paintings, remakes in respect of the old masters, the Gypsy just did. He´s already been tattooing friends for almost a year and it´s looking pretty good so if you´re interested to get a very cheap tattoo swing by the shop and he´ll give you one (a design that we choose for him to tattoo on you, just kidding. Kanjis, small tribals, scripts, lady bugs, butterflies, flowers, any tattooable design is much appreciated)

Click the image to enlarge. Enjoy! (Ben get on your knees)

November 30, 2010

Look, I’m an artist, uuuuu.

from the archives

November 11, 2010

I just found these. Sweet memories…


It was crazy! About 162 tattoos in one day. Few designs became hit products like this owl, I think we did closer to 30 of them. The tiger head, skull, birds and few others were applied to many many people but not too many halloween related tattoos. It was a long day and night but so much fun with such a great team, Sailor Andy, Uncle-Henri, Tomi, Juha, both Jussis and few tats were slinged in by our apprentice Ben. Jani, Saana and Ben did a great job taking care of the shop and people and dealing with the bullshit from drunks. You´re the best and we all love you guys!

Here´s few samples, hope to get some more from my bro Jani “porkkana” Leskinen.

Those two same birds Sailor and I tattooed at same time at the same part of the leg (boy and girl though) and didn´t even know about it before Ben told us… and we work next to eachother

random stuff

September 27, 2010

Tim got so exhausted of joy after scoring a couple of Ed Smith originals from 1920’s. Miss ya pal!

Hanne and I. I think this was quite a drunken night.

morning afterhangover kickstarting´s the best feeling ever. I don´t even need to do it but once started you can´t stop before it fires up cos dozen people are watching…Doesn´t do any good to my operated knee.

look what the postman brought

September 24, 2010

Got these books the other day.The book about Amund Dietzel (1891-1974) is great! It has over 200 pages of his flash, vintage photos and stories of his life. Get it here, can´t wait for the second edition. Eric Minugh of sent me Bert Grim Flash book, Owen Jensen eagle stencil book and his father Lee Roy Minugh´s flash book.

If you´re into old style tattoos come to the studio and I´ll make you some real tattoos outta these. I have plenty of vintage flash to choose your favourite designs from or I can draw you something 1910-1950´s looking. Keepin´the traditional style alive.

sunday flash

September 20, 2010

Few paintings I did yesterday


September 5, 2010

Not much time to paint but I should do it more. Usually I get to paint when I travel.

For Gil the drill

For Gil the drill. Tahiti Felix´s Master Tattoo rules! San Diego 2010

Helsinki 2010

Painted with Lowercase J in Hollywood 2010. after many…