it was +0 Celcius, got the first flakes of snow, the weather was so beautiful just half n hour before we took the last ride of the season (then it started to rain). still sick but had to get the bike in the garage before the road got covered with too much ice, and this was the only way to go. now starts a long dark winter journey of her make over. sleepless nights, happy wives, coffee, beer, good friends and good times. she´s gonna look so different. roni took these photos with his iphone…

from the archives

November 11, 2010

I just found these. Sweet memories…


watch out boeee

November 10, 2010

healed – with all the hair grown back – lovely

November 9, 2010


November 7, 2010

Oon keuhkoputkentulehduksessa eikä antibiootit tehoa. Saattaa olla kuulemma levinny syvemmälle. Huomenna tietää lisää ja saan tod näk vahvemman kuurin perään. Eli oon nyt pois pelistä vielä vähän aikaa. Ei kannata siis tulla tällä viikolla kyselemään mua studiolta. piis

Im sick at the moment and this would make a great tattoo….

new workshop

November 5, 2010

Here´s our new garage. So much shit to sort out, what to save and what to throw away. Boxes full of stuff. We´re all so happy to have this new place. Some more renovating and hardware store visits needed and we´re set. We have an awesome crew now with enough space to build cars and bikes and even a couple of movable quarter pipes to have there for skateboarding. The facilities are perfect for having swap meets in the future as well. Man, I can´t wait to take my pan apart and rebuild it again and finally get into building my tattoo machines as well, that´s gonna be nice.

Oh, and this house is NOT homegrown choppers though we love most of you our brothers, hahaha. New blog online soon…

(I used my 50mm lens here so it´s kinda hard to picture the whole space.)

Full House Club:

Anal Thunder,

End Begins,

Become A Threat

+ meidän very special house DJ Mustafa Million

Semifinal, Helsinki
Pe 05.11.2010 21-03
Liput 12 € sis. narikan

Showtime: 22:00 Become a Threat, 22:45 End Begins , 23:30 Anal Thunder


November 4, 2010

tattooed this pin-up on Anna few days ago.

Jenna was under the needle for few hours again. A little more, maybe one session,  and we´ll be done.


November 4, 2010

true legend

It was crazy! About 162 tattoos in one day. Few designs became hit products like this owl, I think we did closer to 30 of them. The tiger head, skull, birds and few others were applied to many many people but not too many halloween related tattoos. It was a long day and night but so much fun with such a great team, Sailor Andy, Uncle-Henri, Tomi, Juha, both Jussis and few tats were slinged in by our apprentice Ben. Jani, Saana and Ben did a great job taking care of the shop and people and dealing with the bullshit from drunks. You´re the best and we all love you guys!

Here´s few samples, hope to get some more from my bro Jani “porkkana” Leskinen.

Those two same birds Sailor and I tattooed at same time at the same part of the leg (boy and girl though) and didn´t even know about it before Ben told us… and we work next to eachother