Legacy boys in Levi

April 10, 2011

Greetings from Lapland!20110410-043710.jpg20110410-043847.jpg20110410-043901.jpg20110410-043915.jpg20110410-044003.jpg20110410-044315.jpg20110410-044333.jpg20110410-044351.jpg20110410-044412.jpg20110410-044507.jpg20110410-044518.jpg20110410-044527.jpg20110410-044539.jpg20110410-044547.jpg20110410-044603.jpg20110410-044626.jpg20110410-044641.jpg

Tomorrow we have some killing to do.
Kill a reindeer, save a tattooer on the road

Copper Beehive

December 8, 2010

Mikko got tattooed by Bailey Hunter Robinson at his secret location in Brooklyn. Bailey is a nice feller and great tattooer.We hope to see him at Legacy someday soon. Check out Bailey´s blog Copper Beehive

Greetings from Pennsylvania

December 3, 2010

State College was fun again as always. Timmy and Justin are the best. I love you guys, thanks for everything. Was great to see Big’ups again too.

Tim started my backpiece last night. It felt horrible but I’m very happy we got so much done. Next session in May when he comes over…

November 30, 2010

Look, I’m an artist, uuuuu.