new workshop

November 5, 2010

Here´s our new garage. So much shit to sort out, what to save and what to throw away. Boxes full of stuff. We´re all so happy to have this new place. Some more renovating and hardware store visits needed and we´re set. We have an awesome crew now with enough space to build cars and bikes and even a couple of movable quarter pipes to have there for skateboarding. The facilities are perfect for having swap meets in the future as well. Man, I can´t wait to take my pan apart and rebuild it again and finally get into building my tattoo machines as well, that´s gonna be nice.

Oh, and this house is NOT homegrown choppers though we love most of you our brothers, hahaha. New blog online soon…

(I used my 50mm lens here so it´s kinda hard to picture the whole space.)

2 Responses to “new workshop”

  1. painterjude Says:

    Jah man brothaz.
    Look´s a wide open space to start messing around,
    i might come someday to check it in person, if ya let me in, hahaa

    With love: Jude

    Greetins to ya all !

  2. redrum Says:

    congrats to the new workshop!!

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